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Linux Notes for Professionals book

cover - LinuxGrow.png

Chapters Getting started with GNU/Linux Detecting Linux distribution name and version Getting information on a running Linux kernel Shell Check Disk Space Getting System Information ls command File Compression with ‘tar’ command Services Managing Services Modifying Users LAMP Stack tee command Secure Shell (SSH) SCP GnuPG (GPG) Network Configuration Midnight Commander Change root (chroot) Package Managers Compiling the Linux kernel

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LaTeX Notes for Professionals book

cover - LaTeXGrow.png

Chapters Getting started with LaTeX Title Pages Header and Footer Text Formatting Tables Typesetting mathematics Creating a Bibliography Add Citation Counters, if statements and loops with LaTeX Document classes Drawing graphs Presentation with beamer package Defining macros Build Tools Accessing documentation of LaTeX packages Creating posters using beamer Engraving Sheet Music

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jQuery Notes for Professionals book

Chapters Getting started with jQuery Ajax Selectors document-ready event DOM Manipulation DOM Traversing Element Visibility Events Plugins Prepend Append Getting and setting width and height of an element CSS Manipulation Attributes jQuery .animate() Method jQuery Deferred objects and Promises Checkbox Select all with automatic check/uncheck on other checkbox change Each function

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JavaScript Notes for Professionals book

cover - JavaScriptGrow.png

Chapters Getting started with JavaScript JavaScript Variables Built-in Constants Datatypes in Javascript Bitwise operators Arithmetic (Math) Strings Date Date Comparison Comparison Operations Constructor functions Conditions Comments Arrays Objects Declarations and Assignments Loops Functions Functional JavaScript Prototypes, objects Classes Namespacing Callbacks Context (this) Setters and Getters Events Inheritance Method Chaining Intervals and Timeouts Console Regular expressions Cookies Data attributes JSON AJAX ...

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Java Notes for Professionals book

cover - JavaGrow.png

Chapters Getting started with Java Language Type Conversion Getters and Setters Reference Data Types Java Compiler – ‘javac’ Documenting Java Code Command line Argument Processing The Java Command – ‘java’ and ‘javaw’ Date Class Dates and Time (java.time.*) LocalTime Literals Operators Primitive Data Types Constructors Object Class Methods and Constructor Annotations Immutable Class Immutable Objects Visibility (controlling access to members ...

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iOS Developer Notes for Professionals book

Chapters Getting started with iOS UILabel UILabel text underlining attributedText in UILabel UIButton UIDatePicker UILocalNotification UIImage Convert NSAttributedString to UIImage UIImagePickerController UIImageView Resizing UIImage Cut a UIImage into a circle UITableView UITableViewController UIRefreshControl TableView UITableViewCell Custom methods of selection of UITableViewCells Custom methods of selection of UITableViewCells UIView Snapshot of UIView UIAlertController UIColor UITextView UITextField Delegate UINavigationController UIGestureRecognizer UIBarButtonItem UIScrollView ...

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HTML5 Canvas Notes for Professionals book

cover - HTML5CanvasGrow.png

Chapters Getting started with HTML5 Canvas Text Polygons Images Path (Syntax only) Paths Navigating along a Path Dragging Path Shapes & Images on Canvas Media types and the canvas Animation Collisions and Intersections Clearing the screen Responsive Design Shadows Charts & Diagrams Transformations Compositing Pixel Manipulation with “getImageData” and “putImageData”

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HTML5 Notes for Professionals book

cover - HTML5Grow.png

Chapters Getting started with HTML Doctypes Headings Paragraphs Text Formatting Anchors and Hyperlinks Lists Tables Comments Classes and IDs Data Attributes Linking Resources Include JavaScript Code in HTML Using HTML with CSS Images Image Maps Input Control Elements Forms Div Element Sectioning Elements Navigation Bars Label Element Output Element Void Elements Media Elements Progress Element Selection Menu Controls Embed IFrames ...

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Haskell Notes for Professionals book

cover - HaskellGrow.png

Chapters Getting started with Haskell Language Overloaded Literals Foldable Traversable Lens QuickCheck Common GHC Language Extensions Free Monads Type Classes IO Record Syntax Partial Application Monoid Category Theory Lists Sorting Algorithms Type Families Monads Stack Generalized Algebraic Data Types Recursion Schemes Data.Text Using GHCi Strictness Syntax in Functions Functor Testing with Tasty Creating Custom Data Types Reactive-banana Optimization Concurrency Function ...

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Git Notes for Professionals book

cover - GitGrow.png

Chapters Getting started with Git Browsing the history Working with Remotes Staging Ignoring Files and Folders Git Diff Undoing Merging Submodules Committing Aliases Rebasing Configuration Branching Rev-List Squashing Cherry Picking Recovering Git Clean Using a .gitattributes file .mailmap file: Associating contributor and email aliases Analyzing types of workflows Pulling Hooks Cloning Repositories Stashing Subtrees Renaming Pushing Internals git-tfs Empty directories ...

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