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PostgreSQL Notes for Professionals book

Chapters Getting started with PostgreSQL Data Types Comments in PostgreSQL Dates, Timestamps, and Intervals Table Creation SELECT Find String Length / Character Length COALESCE INSERT UPDATE JSON Support Aggregate Functions Role Management Common Table Expressions (WITH) Accessing Data Programmatically Programming with PL/pgSQL Inheritance PostgreSQL High Availability EXTENSION dblink and postgres_fdw Window Functions Backup script for a production DB Export PostgreSQL ...

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PHP Notes for Professionals book

Chapters Getting started with PHP Variables Variable Scope Outputting the Value of a Variable Constants Comments Types Operators References Arrays Array iteration Executing Upon an Array Manipulating an Array Processing Multiple Arrays Together Datetime Class Working with Dates and Time Loops Functions Functional Programming Control Structures Alternative Syntax for Control Structures String Parsing String formatting Exception Handling and Error Reporting ...

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Perl Notes for Professionals book

Chapters Getting started with Perl Language Comments Variables Interpolation in Perl True and false Dates and Time Control Statements Subroutines Debug Output Lists Sorting File I/O (reading and writing files) Reading a file’s content into a variable Strings and quoting methods Split a string on unquoted separators Object-oriented Perl Exception handling Regular Expressions XML Parsing Unicode Perl one-liners Randomness Special ...

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Oracle Database Notes for Professionals book

cover - OracleDatabaseGrow.png

Chapters Getting started with Oracle Database Getting started with PL/SQL Anonymous PL/SQL Block PL/SQL procedure Data Dictionary Dates Working with Dates DUAL table JOINS Handling NULL values String Manipulation IF-THEN-ELSE Statement Limiting the rows returned by a query (Pagination) Recursive Sub-Query Factoring using the WITH Clause (A.K.A. Common Table Expressions) Different ways to update records Update with Joins Functions Statistical ...

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Objective-C Notes for Professionals book

Chapters Getting started with Objective-C Language Protocols Blocks Categories Key Value Coding / Key Value Observing Logging NSArray Classes and Objects NSString NSDictionary NSDictionary Low-level Runtime Environment NSArray NSURL Methods Error Handling Enums NSData Random Integer Properties NSDate NSPredicate NSMutableArray NSRegularExpression NSJSONSerialization Memory Management Singletons NSCalendar NSMutableDictionary Multi-Threading NSAttributedString NSTimer Structs Subscripting Basic Data Types Unit testing using Xcode Fast ...

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Node.js Notes for Professionals book

Chapters Getting started with Node.js npm Web Apps With Express Filesystem I/O Exporting and Consuming Modules Exporting and Importing Module in node.js How modules are loaded Cluster Module Readline package.json Event Emitters Autoreload on changes Environment Callback to Promise Executing files or commands with Child Processes Exception handling Keep a node application constantly running Uninstalling Node.js nvm – Node Version ...

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MySQL Notes for Professionals book

cover - MySQLGrow.png

Chapters Getting started with MySQL Data Types SELECT Backticks NULL Limit and Offset Creating databases Using Variables Comment MySQL INSERT DELETE UPDATE ORDER BY Group By Error 1055: ONLY_FULL_GROUP_BY: something is not in GROUP BY clause … Joins JOINS: Join 3 table with the same name of id. UNION Arithmetic String operations Date and Time Operations Handling Time Zones Regular ...

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MongoDB Notes for Professionals book

cover - MongoDBGrow.png

Chapters Getting started with MongoDB CRUD Operation Getting database information Querying for Data (Getting Started) Update Operators Upserts and Inserts Collections Aggregation Indexes Bulk Operations 2dsphere Index Pluggable Storage Engines Java Driver Python Driver Mongo as Shards Replication Mongo as a Replica Set MongoDB – Configure a ReplicaSet to support TLS/SSL Authentication Mechanisms in MongoDB MongoDB Authorization Model Configuration Backing ...

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Microsoft SQL ServerĀ® Notes for Professionals book

cover - MicrosoftSQLServerGrow.png

Chapters Getting started with Microsoft SQL Server Data Types Converting data types User Defined Table Types SELECT statement Alias Names in SQL Server NULLs Variables Dates Generating a range of dates Database Snapshots COALESCE IF…ELSE CASE Statement INSERT INTO MERGE CREATE VIEW Views UNION TRY/CATCH WHILE loop OVER Clause GROUP BY ORDER BY The STUFF Function JSON in SQL Server ...

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MATLAB Notes for Professionals book

cover - MATLABGrow.png

Chapters Getting started with MATLAB Language Functions Documenting functions Using functions with logical output Conditions Set operations For loops Initializing Matrices or arrays Matrix decompositions Object-Oriented Programming Vectorization Graphics: 2D Line Plots Graphics: 2D and 3D Transformations Controlling Subplot coloring in Matlab Image processing Drawing Debugging Financial Applications Fourier Transforms and Inverse Fourier Transforms Ordinary Differential Equations (ODE) Solvers Interpolation ...

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