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Sunday , 24 September 2023
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Visual Basic .NET Notes for Professionals book

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Chapters Getting started with Visual Basic .NET Language Declaring variables Introduction to Syntax Operators Conditions Short-Circuiting Operators (AndAlso – OrElse) Date Array Lists Enum Dictionaries Looping File Handling File/Folder Compression Connection Handling Type conversion ByVal and ByRef keywords Console Functions Recursion Classes Generics Disposable objects NullReferenceException Using Statement Option Strict Option Explicit Option Infer Error Handling OOP Keywords Extension methods ...

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VBA Notes for Professionals book

cover - VBAGrow.png

Chapters Getting started with VBA Declaring Variables Scripting.FileSystemObject Procedure Calls Naming Conventions Creating a procedure Flow control structures Comments Arrays Error Handling Recursion Conditional Compilation Data Types and Limits String Literals – Escaping, non-printable characters and line-continuations Declaring and assigning strings Converting other types to strings Searching within strings for the presence of substrings Substrings Measuring the length of strings ...

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TypeScript Notes for Professionals book

Chapters Getting started with TypeScript Importing external libraries Classes Strict null checks Using Typescript with React (JS & native) Functions Interfaces Using TypeScript with webpack Generics TypeScript Core Types Integrating with Build Tools Publish TypeScript definition files Class Decorator tsconfig.json Mixins Enums TypeScript with AngularJS TypeScript with SystemJS Unit Testing TSLint – assuring code quality and consistency TypeScript basic examples ...

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Swif Notes for Professionals book

Chapters Getting started with Swift Language Switch Reading & Writing JSON Enums Protocols Optionals Structs Closures Error Handling Arrays Dictionaries Strings and Characters Extensions Sets Working with C and Objective-C Functions Numbers Classes Conditionals Variables & Properties Tuples Booleans Memory Management Generics Advanced Operators Access Control Associated Objects Loops Reflection OptionSet Method Swizzling Concurrency Initializers Getting Started with Protocol Oriented ...

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SQL Notes for Professionals book

Chapters Getting started with SQL Identifier Data Types NULL Example Databases and Tables SELECT GROUP BY ORDER BY AND & OR Operators CASE LIKE operator IN clause Filter results using WHERE and HAVING SKIP TAKE (Pagination) EXCEPT EXPLAIN and DESCRIBE EXISTS CLAUSE JOIN UPDATE CREATE Database CREATE TABLE CREATE FUNCTION TRY/CATCH UNION / UNION ALL ALTER TABLE INSERT MERGE cross ...

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Ruby Notes for Professionals book

Chapters Getting started with Ruby Language Casting (type conversion) Arrays Classes Hashes Blocks and Procs and Lambdas Inheritance Control Flow Strings Symbols Exceptions Thread Methods method_missing Numbers Iteration Regular Expressions and Regex Based Operations Comparable Gem Usage Design Patterns and Idioms in Ruby Loading Source Files Range Comments Operators Operators Special Constants in Ruby Modules Ruby Version Manager Gem Creation/Management ...

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Ruby on Rails Notes for Professionals book

Chapters Getting started with Ruby on Rails Routing ActiveRecord Views ActiveRecord Migrations Rails Best Practices Naming Conventions ActionCable ActiveModel User Authentication in Rails ActiveRecord Associations ActiveRecord Validations ActiveRecord Query Interface ActionMailer Rails generate commands Configuration I18n – Internationalization Using GoogleMaps with Rails File Uploads Caching ActionController Configuration Safe Constantize Rails 5 Authorization with CanCan Mongoid Gems Change default timezone Asset ...

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R Notes for Professionals book

Chapters Getting started with R Language Variables Arithmetic Operators Matrices Formula Reading and writing strings String manipulation with stringi package Classes Lists Hashmaps Creating vectors Date and Time The Date class Date-time classes (POSIXct and POSIXlt) The character class Numeric classes and storage modes The logical class Data frames Split function Reading and writing tabular data in plain-text files (CSV, ...

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Python Notes for Professionals book

Chapters Getting started with Python Language Python Data Types Indentation Comments and Documentation Date and Time Date Formatting Enum Set Simple Mathematical Operators Bitwise Operators Boolean Operators Operator Precedence Variable Scope and Binding Conditionals Comparisons Loops Arrays Multidimensional arrays Dictionary List List comprehensions List slicing (selecting parts of lists) groupby() Linked lists Linked List Node Filter Heapq Tuple Basic Input ...

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PowerShel Notes for Professionals book

Chapters Getting started with PowerShell Variables in PowerShell Operators Special Operators Basic Set Operations Conditional logic Loops Switch statement Strings HashTables Working with Objects PowerShell Functions PowerShell Classes PowerShell Modules PowerShell profiles Calculated Properties Using existing static classes Built-in variables Automatic Variables Environment Variables Splatting PowerShell “Streams”; Debug, Verbose, Warning, Error, Output and Information Sending Email PowerShell Remoting Working with ...

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