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Whendy Blog mengumpulkan beberapa Tutorial Website, PHP, AngularJS, JQuery, Laravel, Codeigniter dan lain-lain. ( jika sempat ) :)

Bash Notes for Professionals book

cover - BashGrow.png

Chapters Getting started with Bash Script shebang Navigating directories Listing Files Using cat Grep Aliasing Jobs and Processes Redirection Control Structures true, false and : commands Arrays Associative arrays Functions Bash Parameter Expansion Copying (cp) Find Using sort Sourcing Here documents and here strings Quoting Conditional Expressions Scripting with Parameters Bash history substitutions Math Bash Arithmetic Scoping Process substitution Programmable ...

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AngularJS Notes for Professionals book

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Chapters Getting started with AngularJS Controllers Built-in directives Modules Components Custom Directives Filters Services Dependency Injection Unit tests Profiling and Performance Events Sharing Data How data binding works Routing using ngRoute ng-class directive Directives using ngModelController ui-router Custom filters Built-in helper Functions digest loop walkthrough Angular $scopes AngularJS gotchas and traps Using AngularJS with TypeScript $http request Constants Form Validation ...

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Angular 2 Notes for Professionals book

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Chapters Getting started with Angular 2 Dynamically add components using ViewContainerRef.createComponent Pipes Routing (3.0.0+) Http Interceptor Directives Installing 3rd party plugins with [email protected] Testing an Angular 2 App Routing Optimizing rendering using ChangeDetectionStrategy Lifecycle Hooks Directives & components : @Input @Output Angular RXJS Subjects and Observables with API requests Zone.js Services and Dependency Injection Angular 2 Forms Update Detecting resize ...

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Android Notes for Professionals book

Chapters Getting started with Android Layouts Gradle for Android RecyclerView onClickListeners NavigationView Intent JSON in Android with org.json Android Studio Resources Data Binding Library Exceptions Getting Calculated View Dimensions AsyncTask SharedPreferences Emulator Material Design Lint Warnings Service Storing Files in Internal & External Storage WebView Project SDK versions RecyclerView Google Maps API v2 for Android PorterDuff Mode 9-Patch Images Android ...

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Algorithms Notes for Professionals book

Chapters Getting started with algorithms Algorithm Complexity Graph Graph Traversals Dijkstra’s Algorithm A* Pathfinding A* Pathfinding Algorithm Dynamic Programming Kruskal’s Algorithm Greedy Algorithms Applications of Greedy technique Prim’s Algorithm Bellman–Ford Algorithm Line Algorithm Floyd-Warshall Algorithm Catalan Number Algorithm polynomial-time bounded algorithm for Minimum Vertex Cover Multithreaded Algorithms Knuth Morris Pratt (KMP) Algorithm Edit Distance Dynamic Algorithm Online algorithms Big-O Notation ...

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.NET Framework Notes for Professionals book

Chapters Getting started with .NET Framework Collections XmlSerializer HTTP clients Exceptions LINQ Networking NuGet packaging system Reflection Dictionaries HTTP servers Settings Task Parallel Library (TPL) Custom Types DateTime parsing Memory management Managed Extensibility Framework SpeechRecognitionEngine class to recognize speech System.Reflection.Emit namespace System.Runtime.Caching.MemoryCache (ObjectCache) JSON Serialization TPL Dataflow File Input/Output Platform Invoke Code Contracts VB Forms ForEach Strings Expression Trees Threading ...

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How to install package .deb in Archlinux


Hi, I want to share “How to install package .deb in Archlinux” Ok, first you must install package dpkg from AUR Archlinux ( How to install Yourt in Archlinux ): link : type this command in terminal. $ yaourt -S dpkg Following step by step. Finish installation, try to install package .deb in Archlinux. In my case, I will try to install ...

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How to delete index in MySql

How to delete index in MySql, first you need to know the exact name of the INDEX (Unique key in this case) to delete or update it. INDEX names are usually same as column names. In case of more than one INDEX applied on a column, MySQL automatically suffixes numbering to the column names to create unique INDEX names. For ...

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Installation and Running Lumen – Laravel

Lumen - Laravel

To the point Installation and Running Lumen – Laravel Lumen is micro-framework by Laravel Installation 1. Server Requirements PHP >= 5.5.9 OpenSSL PHP Extension PDO PHP Extension Mbstring PHP Extension 2. Installing Lumen Installing Lumen with Composer to manage its dependencies. Make sure you have Composer installed on your machine. Via Lumen installer Download Lumen installer via composer $ composer global require "laravel/lumen-installer" And ...

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Make your own Helper Functions – Laravel


How Make your own Helper Functions.? Well, we just see how and what should be made. The structure of the folders that I use to create a “Helper Functions”. Next we create a file “Helpers.php” and saved in the folder “app/Helpers“. In this Helpers.php file we put the functions that later we will call / use in our every need. ...

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